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Amateur Inter-Club Championship 2015

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About our Sponsor



Highland Spring Water, just as nature intended.

Highland Spring is a Scottish supplier of bottled water. It produces still and sparkling water at its factory in Blackford, Perth and Kinross, although despite the name this area is not actually within the Scottish Highlands. Highland Spring was the highest-sellingsparkling water in the UK in 2008 and consolidated its 1st place position in the UK still water market.

The company has expanded through organic growth and also by acquisition, taking over the Gleneagles Spring Water Company, also based in Blackford, in 2001, the Speyside Glenlivet Water Company, based in Ballindalloch in 2009, and acquiring Campsie Spring (Glasgow) from Greencore in 2010. Joe Beeston (1947-2008) was the company's Chief Executive since 1992 until his death. The company is currently owned by billionaire UAE businessman Mahdi Al Tajir.
For more informationgo to


MPI Brokers - Ski Insurance specialist 

We are delighted to announce that award-winning Ski Insurance specialist MPI Brokers will be one of our sponsors at this year’s championships. The winner of two World Snow Awards as best snowsports insurance provider, MPI Brokers has a pedigree that goes back some 60 years to the origins of Ski Insurance.

MPI Brokers Ski Insurance is open to all UK residents, whether or not they are taking part in the Inter-Club Championships. They are seeking to obtain cover that is open to all European participants, but at this time it is UK racers only. MPI Brokers is one of the few Ski Insurance providers to include amateur racing as standard. It also includes skiing on or off piste, with or without a guide. Drawing on a long personal experience of skiing, MPI Brokers can rightly claim to offer ‘Insurance for skiers, by skiers’.
For more information on this insurance please go to our AICC website:
Or go to the MPI website:


The art to live Italian. From the 1902 Ferrari is the Italian toast for excellence.

Ferrari, with over a century of history behind it and a record number of awards and accolades to its name, is Italy’s leading producer of Classic Method sparkling wines and Ambassador of the Italian Art of living worldwide Ferrari has always provided the perfect accompaniment for the most significant moments in the realms of the state, culture, show business and sport. 

It is with Ferrari that all guests to the Residence of the President of the Italian Republic and to Italian Embassies around the world are welcomed. It is with Ferrari that the stars of Hollywood celebrated on the night of the Oscars, and it is with Ferrari that our sportsmen have always toasted their victories, from the historic soccer World Cup of 1982 to that of 2006. Excellence has always been the guiding principle behind every decision at Ferrari: excellence which translates into a continuous and constant quest for quality and which implies loyalty to Metodo Classico as the exclusive production process and  to Trentino as the chosen territory for the Company’s vineyards.  Website:


THE PIZZA NAPOLETANA is the very essence of our culinary art using the freshest ingredients combined with the use of careful and slow processing can lead to levels of excellence in the experience of taste.
To achieve these high levels of quality we exclusively use the products of Neapolitan origin and the Campania region as follows:
FLOUR must be wheat 00, from The Ancient Molino Caputo, the absolute best.
WATER OF SERINO SPRINGS with its characteristics of limestone and mineral salts contributes to the final result. 

SOURDOUGH is the only yeast we use, (we do not use chemical yeast), made from flour and water that ferments over time and through a slow preparation, is set to leaven for 24 hours. It ensures a healthier and easily digestible pizza, because the leavening stops after cooking and does not continue to ferment in the stomach during digestion.
POMODORO SAN MARZANO DOPThe traditional red and tasty tomato arrived in the Campania region in 1770 as a gift from the Viceroy of Peru, to the King of Naples. Is defined as DOP because it is produced solely and exclusively in a particular defined geographical area.
MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA CAMPANA fresh cheese defined as WHITE GOLD for its exceptional taste, now famous all over the world, produced exclusively from fresh 100% whole Italian buffalo milk only of Mediterranean race.
FIOR DI LATTE OF THE SORRENTO COAST cheese manufactured with 100% fresh cow milk typical of the coast of Sorrento, very similar to mozzarella, lighter in taste, used by the Pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito, inventor of the famous pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889.                                                                                         
FRESH FRAGRANT BASIL freshly picked.                                                                                                                          
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL produced in Campania exclusively from Italian olives.

PREPARATION The long process of making the real Pizza Napoletana begins by mixing these ingredients, with the skillful preparation of the dough, made from flour, water, salt and yeast, in the proportions that each Pizzaiolo holds in the utmost secrecy.

BAKING Once the dough is leavened, every ball is pressed and worked with the fingers while rotating with experienced and acrobatic gestures, to the point that you get a thin round layer of dough. Then all the necessary ingredients are placed on top to obtain the preferred pizza. The round layer of dough is placed on a wooden paddle already sprinkled with flour and put in a wood burning oven with a temperature that must be set at 485 degrees centigrade and baked for about 90 seconds.

CHILLING PROCESS At the end of all this, the Pizza Napoletana is ready. The only way to make it reach the entire world tasty and fragrant as freshly baked is to take it out of the oven, still hot at about 90 degrees centigrade into a chilling process, using cryogenic technology to bring the temperature of the pizza down to -18 degrees centigrade in about ten minutes.

PACKAGING  The pizza is placed in a vacuum film immediately after the chilling process, and as a further guarantee, after passing through the metal detector, is boxed and placed in the freezer room.

CONCLUSIONS This entire process, immediately after the pizza is baked, guarantees a high quality product, always fresh like it was just baked, is provided anywhere in the world. We must also make note that the chilling process, which not only guarantees the fragrance of the pizza, also protects and ensures consumer health by eliminating any possibility of the formation of bacterial pathogens in the product. This process is similar to the one used to eliminate bacterial pathogens in raw fish consumed as Sushi that must be temperature killed by law.Web site : 


UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A.  is the multi-business insurance company of the Unipol Group,  
Italian leader in Non-Life business, particularly in vehicle liability insurance. Holding a leading position in Life business too, UnipolSai, with more than 10mln customers,  occupies a position of absolute prominence in the national ranking of insurance groups.

The company currently operates through 5 divisions (Unipol, La Fondiaria, Sai, Nuova MAA and La Previdente) and the largest network of agencies in Italy.

Alongside the traditional channel, UnipolSai also oversees the bancassurance channel thanks to an agreement with Unipol Banca and the joint-ventures Popolare Vita (with the Banco Popolare Group), BIM Vita (with Banca Intermobiliare) and Incontra Assicurazioni (with the Unicredit Group).
UnipolSai is also present in Serbia through the third-largest local insurer, DDOR Novi Sad.  UnipolSai shares are listed on the MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange, and they are included in the FTSE MIB, that contains the highly capitalized securities.​